Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions you need answered? There's a good chance the answer is below. Here are a number of questions we receive frequently, along with the answers so you can make an informed decision.

Whats the youngest age you accept students?

We accept students 5 years or older.

Do you run classes throughout school holidays?

Yes. We continue to run classes during holidays, except for a couple weeks over Christmas and New Years.

Do you charge fees during the time you are not open?

Yes as our fees are calculated across the full 52 weeks of the year.

Are memberships on a contract?

No. Membership are not bound by a lock-in contract.

Can we put our fees on hold?

Yes you can, but we require 2 weeks notice prior to putting fees on hold.

Do you charge for gradings?

No. All belts we award to our students are gifts from us.

How many times a week do you think we should train?

We recommend 2 class per week at a minimum to make good progress.

Do I have to compete?

No. Competing is all up to the individual. But if you would like to compete, we can prepare you for it!

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